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3: Learning From Your Mistakes

As Christians, we have all come to a point where we question some of the decisions we’ve made after accepting Christ. Is the walk of Christianity and its promises worth the pain and problems we endure? Rick and Brenda discuss having regrets over grace in this walk of being a Christian.

24: How do you respond to God’s Love?

We know how we respond to our spouses, significant others, our children or other family members, and even our closest friends when they say, “I love you”. But how do you respond to God’s Love? Have you ever sat back and thought about this question? How do you value the Love that God has for you? And to what extent do you feel he loves you? Ponder on that question while Deb and Char dive into this topic.

1: Understanding the difference between arguing and having a disagreement.

As Christians, we must be Christian Real and admit we have disagreements with others. However, even though we disagree, we have to make the choice to argue. Brenda and Rick discuss the challenges that come when we choose to fight it out instead of figuring it out.

22: Panhandling

What do you think about when it’s the giving season? Do you think of family? Or perhaps a neighbor or friend that needs a helping hand? Or maybe even a homeless shelter or soup kitchen? What about the panhandlers that you see on every corner?

Remember when it was only a place here and there that you’d see a person asking for “a little change” Now that things are different in that area, how does it make you feel about giving? Are you still quick to respond or do you ignore them?

The Christian Coffee Chat ladies are diving into this topic and want you to hear our thoughts.

21: Health is Wealth

How important is your health to you? Do you think of it much? Or is it something that you put off until tomorrow? We’re living in an environment where people having strokes is running rampant. Is it due to stress? Lack of exercise? Eating incorrectly? Heredity? It’s a very scary thing, but we want to do our due diligence in avoiding such a mishap.
The Christian Coffee Chat ladies are diving in on the wealth of health and discussing in detail our thoughts about it. Please join us–send us your comments and questions to and we’ll be happy to address them on the air.

We also want to inform you of our Podcast Anniversary coming up this month. We are excited to share this time with you and appreciate everyone for riding this wave with us. More information coming soon.

20: Independence Day vs. Juneteenth

In the black culture, most have been raised to celebrate the 4th of July, which some call Independence Day. We would always buy fireworks, grill outside, invite family and friends over and refer to it as a day of “freedom”. In more recent years, an old but new way of celebrating has come to the forefront called Juneteenth, where black people all across the world have claimed THAT to be our day of freedom – celebrating.

How do you feel about these two days? Do you celebrate one over the other or neither? Do you feel either is given its true respect or do you feel unconcerned about both of them?

Hear how the Christian Coffee Chat ladies feel about it and what the christian perspective is regarding it.

19: The Modern Dad

Father’s Day, a day that many fathers feel is slighted in society. It’s been said that Mother’s Day gets more attention and mothers get more accolades than “dads”. That may have some truth to it, but today, we want the dads across the world to know that Christian Coffee Chat feels YOU ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT and JUST AS LOVED.

Dads hold a great weight in the sight of children and moms, be it negative or positive. This is not an ordinary father’s day speech or interview, but we have taken time to speak to a dad who had to struggle to get where he is but never put his “dad” hat down in the midst of it.

Won’t you tune in and listen attentively to what our special guest has to say.

18: To Sin or not to Sin — Part I

Have you as a Christian been raised to think that certain things were or certain things are sin? Or maybe they are NOT SINS but you were taught that they were? Traditional teachings, orthodox teachings, strict teachings…some have differences of opinion. Is it scriptural? Is it biblical? What are your thoughts? The Chrisitan Coffee Chat ladies are diving into this “hot topic”. Please listen in and even share your thoughts, concerns and questions with us!

17: Veronica — The Woman with the Issue of Blood

We are blessed to find out more about this woman who has left such an impact. The woman with the issue of blood DOES have a name and The Christian Coffee Chat ladies are going deeper with her story. There’s more to her and we want to share with you how she must’ve felt during her illness, how she maintained her life and how she persevered to get to the one who saved her life.

Tune in and listen!

16: Our Mothers—our She-roe

Mothers are always the main source that children look to, spouses look to, neighborhoods and schools alike look to. Even though Mothers Day is a national day that everyone celebrates openly, we should stand tall to celebrate our mothers regularly. The Christian Coffee Chat ladies pay the upmost respect and homage to their mothers by way of their “she-roes”.
We hope you can find a “She-roe” in your mother, Godmother, grandmother, auntie, and/or
special woman that has helped to make what you are today, just as we have!

15: Doubt Part II

As the Resurrection month has come — we take a closer look at the last moments of Jesus with his disciples. We hone in on how it must’ve felt when they watched their leader, Jesus Christ, go through such turmoil and treacherous interactions with the soldiers and accusers, and then yes, Calvary’s cross. But when Christ was risen and came back to speak with Mary and the disciples, all kinds of emotions arise, including doubt.
How do you suppose you would’ve reacted after watching Jesus die on the cross? What manner of reaction would have taken place to see him after what you witnessed in the tomb? The Christian Coffee Chat ladies dive into the realization of what could’ve, would’ve or must’ve taken place on the day of resurrection, along with how doubt would play a part.

14: Do not DOUBT

Why do we doubt? Why does it creep up and change our views of belief? Many of us have experienced bad reports from the doctor, had our belongings taken from us, lost our jobs, or just had a season of negativity in our lives.

Christian Coffee Chat is sharing stories of being faced with doubts and being transparent about how doubt has been and can be overtaking and aggressive.

Feel free to face your fears and grab a hold of the thing or things that you feel unsure of and jump on board with believing that God has done it for others and he can and will do it for you too!

13: Luck vs. Blessed

What does “luck of the Irish mean to you? Or how about “Good luck on your interview today”? Has anyone ever wore a specified piece of fabric or clothing for good luck or crossed your fingers in hopes of something coming out in your favor? Today we chat about what the real meaning of St. Patrick’s Day, it’s Origin and his society views that day. But most importantly, Christian Coffee Chat speaks on how the Bible views luck vs. being blessed and if being ‘lucky’ really is a thing!

Stay tuned!

12: Hi do you deal with the word “No”?

How do you accept the word “no”? Does it make your entire body cringe? Do you accept it with ease and learn the reasons WHY no is said?
It is a very difficult emotion to deal with when you’re told no, both naturally and spiritually.
Listen in and join the conversation that Marlo and Deb have concerning this hot topic.

11: How has the village changed? Part II

Some have said it takes a village to raise a child, others have stated it takes that and some. What do you say? What was your village like? Do you agree that the villagers have changed their perspectives of how and what it takes to raise a child? How was it when you were a child? Do you see major changes or minor changes? Listen in as we approach this diverse topic with yet a different generation of what the village looks like and how it has changed.

10: How has the village changed — Part I

How many of us have said, “it takes a village to raise a child”? Many hands are being raised, right? We all have said it at some point. I’m sure many parents have their own meaning behind that African proverb and expressed it at times where it seemed impossible to raise their children.

Come in the room with us as we dive into the topic of “How has the village changed?’ We have two special guests who will reminisce on how the village existed, who was a part of their village and how it compares to the raising of their own children.

9: Love, Joy, Peace

There is so much wrapped up into how we love, who we love, and what our love language is. Whether natural or spiritual, love is the key to all unlocked doors.
Joy is automatically connected to happiness but we will look at how it carries past being happy or unhappy.
The fond connector, peace, joins forces with joy and expresses the importance of having it.
Join us as we unfold what these three fruit of the spirit means to us both naturally and spiritually.

8: How to deal with Grief during the holidays Part II

We all know that death is inevitable. But what happens when you have to deal with it during the holiday season? How do you contend with seeing family members and seeing that empty spot that once held your loved one? Listen closely as the Christian Coffee Chat Sisters bring these questions to a head,, along with our special guest, Karen Portis, who has dealt with many deaths in a row back to back.


For some, it’s easy to make a Christmas wishlist and tell your loved ones what you desire to see under the Christmas tree. For some, it’s delightful to go out in the hustle and bustle of gift buyers at the malls, retail shops, etc. It’s even entertaining for some people to wait until the day before Christmas to do their holiday shopping to catch those last minute sales and discounts.But for the remaining majority, it can be very depressing, very tiring and very draining. What about those that have to face this holiday season without their loved one? Their spouse, their child, or close friend? How do you get through such a family-oriented season without that person or those people? Let’s dig into some of the thoughts and feelings of those ones who have these questions before them.

6: Thankfulness


It doesn’t take someone of a certain stature, a particular tax bracket or of a particular race or culture to be thankful. We don’t think to be grateful for being able to blink our eyes or wiggle our toes, or even cough or sneeze. Those are all things that we do so regularly and so commonly that it’s not thought of as something to be grateful for.

As you listen to this episode of “Thankfulness”, think about the small things that’s often looked over and begin to make a challenge for yourself to begin thanking God for ALL things, not just the ‘norm’.

The Bible tells us that we are to be grateful for all things. That’s even including the BAD things, things that catch us off guard, or even things that don’t necessarily have a pleasant ending. But through it all, remember that God is in control of it all, but he wants us to be grateful and remain grateful!


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