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6: Thankfulness


It doesn’t take someone of a certain stature, a particular tax bracket or of a particular race or culture to be thankful. We don’t think to be grateful for being able to blink our eyes or wiggle our toes, or even cough or sneeze. Those are all things that we do so regularly and so commonly that it’s not thought of as something to be grateful for.

As you listen to this episode of “Thankfulness”, think about the small things that’s often looked over and begin to make a challenge for yourself to begin thanking God for ALL things, not just the ‘norm’.

The Bible tells us that we are to be grateful for all things. That’s even including the BAD things, things that catch us off guard, or even things that don’t necessarily have a pleasant ending. But through it all, remember that God is in control of it all, but he wants us to be grateful and remain grateful!


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